Dear Sir/Madam,

Let us introduce you our company, Schütt Limited Liability Company and offer you our cooperation in the future.

General Information

Schütt Limited Liability Company ("Schütt LLC") was established in 1992 and is located on Muzejná street 231/6, in the city of Dunajská Streda. It is registered in the Commercial Register of Companies, District Court of Trnava as limited liability company under insert no. 241/T, company register no. 31425003. Schütt LLC is owned by two private individuals who are also the managing directors of the company acting jointly in the name of the Company. Schütt LLC has no bank loans or obligations towards third parties.

Between 1995 and 2013, our business partner was DFS Dräxlmaier Fahrzeugsysteme GmbH, an internationally renowned Germany-based multinational company manufacturing electric systems and other products for leading car-manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

Manufacturing activities and experiences

Until the year of 2009, we performed assembly work for the automotive industry in close cooperation with our partner company. During the period 1995-2001 we manufactured cable modules for Mercedes Benz cars "Class E", of which our business partner at its other factory composed complete cable bundles for each car.

Part of the manufacturing process was demanding for the semi-automatic technology applied (i.e. computerized cutting and pressing machinery). The main manufacturing process was to assembly the prepared cables into cable modules on production lines and at separate workstations. Due to strict quality and performance standards as well as the big variety of modules (250-300 product types were manufactured at the same time) and the low-capacity product warehouse permitted, the manufacturing process was demanding from the perspective of workforce organization.

Our manufacturing program has subsequently changed in 2001, when we started to manufacture complete cable bundles for Audi A3 cars using the cable modules manufactured in other factories of our partner company. In these years we had an average of 1,150-1,250 employees, thus becoming and the largest employer of our region.

The production of cable bundles is very similar to the production of cable modules, however, it was more demanding from production management perspective. Basically, we manufactured small product units under the Just-in-Time manufacturing regime. This meant that on average, 40 to 48 hours elapsed between receiving an order specifying every product unit to be manufactured and getting the manufactured cable bundle ready to dispatch.


Currently, our Company does not perform the manufacturing activity described above anymore. Our manufacturing and administrative premises were rented between 2009-2013 to DSG Dräxlmaier Slovakia s.r.o., i.e. the Slovak subsidiary of Lisa Dräxlmaier GmbH. During this period, the assembly of cable bundles was further carried on here. The respective rental agreement expired on June 30, 2013.. Currently, our manufacturing premises are available for rent and are at disposel for immediate utilization., Approximately 400 professionals of our former employees registered in our employees database would largely be available for hire for our perspective business partner.

Our manufacturing and administrative premises

The manufacturing area owned by our Company is in excellent condition. It is located on the outskirts of Dunajská Streda city center, close to the E 575 European highway. The premises in which the above described activities have been performed are suitable for the light industry as well as warehouse storage or logistic purposes. The total area of the premises is approximately 18,000 square meters ("sqm") of which approximately 1800 sqm is office space and 600 sqm is social space. The inner height (i.e. headroom) of the manufacturing area is 7.0 meters and the load capacity is 5,000 kg per sqm on the ground floor and 1,000 kg per sqm on the first floor. Please find further technical details in the attachment. Our buildings are supported by separate electric generator located within our premises.

Part of our main building is the separate office area, where departments of industrial engineering, logistics and managers were located. Offices of quality control and employee managers are located right in the manufacturing premises. Further offices in different locations of the building are also available, which were occupied by human resource, billing and other administrative units (additionally, separate server rooms have been designed).

Our Company offers the above described production capacity. Although we prefer long term rental of our entire area, we are open for discussions regarding other forms of cooperation. In the attachment of this letter you can find a table with the basic parameters and also inside and outside photos of our premises.

I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to read our intruduction. We hope you are interested in our Company and we can meet personally in the near future. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,

Pavel Sitáš Ing.         Ladislav Pöthe